Add a Note to a Ticket

To add a note to a ticket:
  1. Open the ticket page
  2. Click the update tab on the right hand panel.
  3. Enter the note text in the Update Ticket text field.
  4. Click the  update ticket button. The note will be added to the ticket.

Permissions required: Any user with access to the project.

Markdown can be used to format text in ticket notes.

It is possible to add an image to the ticket note by dragging and dropping an image file onto the ticket text field. The image file is attached to the ticket and Markdown with the link to the image is added to the note.

It is possible to add a note to a ticket by email.

If you want to send an email copy of the note to people who are not Tickd users, you can do this by entering a comma delimited list of email addresses into the text field shown immediately above the update ticket button and checking the 

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