Administration Overview

The administration will be where you spend a little bit of time at the beginning getting it all just the way you need it to be and it looks like this:

Administration Overview

The left hand panel contains all the areas you can administer.

Account: This contains the status of your account, its name and your subscription information.

Projects: Here you can define each of your projects, the details and who has access to them.

Users: Add and edit all your users manually here, enter their details and control their access to projects all in one place.

Integrations: Explore how you can easily integrate to software and applications you already use in your business.

Broadcast: Once you have your userbase in place, you can send global and project based messages to your employees and teams using the broadcast section.

User Access Requests: When users request access to your company Tickd via the login page, you can verify and sanction their access and what they see from this section.

Status Labels: While these are already populated to get your started with speed, you have the capability of editing the existing labels, removing them or adding more.

Custom Fields: Sometimes it is pertinent to keep information specific to the business you are in or for unique management purposes. Tickd provides you away to add custom fields to each ticket. The fields can be included and filtered within the report section.

Timesheet: If keeping a track of how your team members spend their time is important in your management, you can add a little extra sparkle here in the timesheet section to allow you to report better on time spent.

Activity Log: Monitor progress throughout the day from this running activity log.

API: Tickd allows you to access your ticket information via API endpoint securely, simply set up and use your data however you want to.

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