A New Beginning…

Getting Started

The first thing you should know is that Tickd organises your work into projects, milestones and tickets. Project: a grouping of milestones and tickets for a particular set of users. Milestone: a set of tickets with a common deadline and goal. Ticket: an individual piece of work that can be assigned and prioritised to members… Read more »

Dashboard Overview

Welcome to Tickd. When you first log in you will see this landing page, or as we call it, the dashboard. The dashboard is designed to give you a visual snapshot of what is being done within your company and your projects. It is comprised of 5 areas. Main Panel This is a list of… Read more »

Project Overview

The project page looks like this with the project specific activity scrolling away on the right panel: From here you have three icons that appear in the white top menu bar. These are for adding new users from your list of existing Tickd users, adding a new ticket to the project and a neat fast… Read more »

Project User Overview

The Project Users page looks like this when you first log into the application.   You can see all your users already assigned to this project, and the role they are assigned under. This is either Manager or Contributor. If you would like to add more users, you can click the Add users link top… Read more »

Milestone Overview

This is your how your milestone page looks. Right Panel The right panel allows you to add notes or files and also change the delivery date of your milestone. You can see the milestone activity here too. Main Panel This panel will list all the open tickets associated with this milestone. There is a lot… Read more »

Ticket Overview

The ticket page is where you will likely spend most of your time and it looks like this. Main Panel On the left, in the main panel, you will see the main ticket note You can edit this note using the pencil icon. This note gives you who the ticket is assigned to, the detail… Read more »

Ticket Planner Overview

The ticket/milestone planner allows you to rapidly enter in groups of tickets by milestone in a simple and fast way. This is an especially useful place to get your project started with many things to do going round in your brain. It looks like this: Main Panel This is where you put together your milestones… Read more »

User Settings Overview

Every user to Tickd has access to this area to maintain their own personal profile and workload. Dashboard: Overview: Quick link to the main Dashboard. Notifications: Quick link to your notification, your hub to deal with replies and mentions throughout the day. Projects Following: Choose which projects you want to receive all updates on within… Read more »

Notification Overview

As your day progresses and your team members update and feedback on tickets that you are a part of, following or own, the notifications section in an excellent place to get caught up and reply without jumping from ticket to ticket. It looks like this: Left Panel On the left you will see a list… Read more »

Report Overview

Running a report is a walk in the park with Tickd. You are taken through a series of short steps design to filter or expand your options to retrieve the tickets in a format that is both useful and informative. Setup: Choose the type of report you are interested in, how you’d like them ordered… Read more »