Administrator An Administrator user is a user who has been granted Administrator access to Tickd. An Administrator user has full access to everything in the Tickd application, including all of the functionality on the Admin pages. A user with administrator access does not automatically have access to all Projects, but is able to assign their… Read more »

Wiki guide

The Wiki section of Tickd allows users to create and edit Wiki pages that can be viewed by all Tickd users. To view a Wiki page, click the Wiki link in the top menu of any page and click the page link in the menu at the left of the page. To add a new… Read more »

Markdown syntax

Wiki pages use the popular Markdown language for syntax, for those who are not familiar with this language here are some basics to get you started. Headings Headings use the # hash key to create headings: # heading 1 ## heading 2 ### heading 3 Bold text Bold text is creating by wrapping text in… Read more »