Create and run a new Timesheet report

The procedure for creating a timesheet report is similar to that for ticket reports. An admin user can include timesheet data from any user in the report. A user with manager access to projects can run a report for the data associated with these projects. Any user can run a report for their own timesheet… Read more »

Edit Timesheet settings

Administrator users can define up to three timesheet categories, which will appear as columns in users’ timesheet entries. The values defined for each category will appear in the dropdown for the field and can be selected by the user. To update timesheet settings: Open the admin projects page by clicking the Admin link in the… Read more »

Filling in your timesheet

To enter or update your timesheet entries: Open your Timesheet page by selecting the Timesheet item in your user menu at the top right of any page, or by clicking Timesheet in the My Tickd menu at the left of the Dashboard Overview page. Entries for the current week are shown by default. You can… Read more »