Icon Glossary

(Envelope) Access Request [also Email, Alert] (Cog) Account [also Settings, Edit] (Thumbs Up) Acknowledge (Lightning) Activity (Plus) Add (Padlock) Admin (Padlock) (Bell) Alert (Envelope) Alert [also Email, Access Request] (Envelope) (Globe) API [also Timezone] (Star) Assigned (Star) (Left Arrow) Back (Bullhorn) Broadcast (Cross) Close [also Delete] (Down Arrow) Close (File) Custom Fields (Database) Database (Meter)… Read more »

Update your API access key.

All users can update their own API access key. API access will only be possible if it has been enabled for the application (see: Manage API access) To update your API access key: Open the user settings page by clicking the user menu link at the top right of the page and clicking the Settings menu… Read more »

Tickd Integration

Tickd supports integration with a range of other applications allowing you to receive notification on activity in Tickd and to automatically update Tickd with the details of changes that have been made to code repositories. Integration with Slack Integration with Slack allows you to receive notifications for changes to Tickd projects, tickets and milestones in Slack as well… Read more »

View and edit Integrations

Users with Admin access to Tickd can view and edit integrations. To view existing integrations: Open the Admin section by clicking on the Admin link in the top menu of any page. Click the Integrations link in the Admin menu on the left of the page to open the Add Integrations page. The add integrations… Read more »

Update your user settings

All users can update their own user settings. If you are an Administrator you can also update settings for other users. To update your user settings: Open the user settings page by clicking the user menu link at the top right of the page and clicking the Settings menu item, or by clicking the Settings link… Read more »

Inactivate a user

It is possible to inactivate users. This is often a better option than deleting a user because the user and all of the data associated with it is retained and the user can be reactivated in the future. To inactivate a user: Open the admin projects page by clicking the Admin link in the menu… Read more »

Notification Overview

Notifications are issued to alert you to mentions and to changes to tickets and projects made by other users. Notifications are shown within the application itself and may optionally be sent by email and via Slack. Notifications for updates to tickets You will receive notifications of updates to tickets where you are follower of the… Read more »