Dashboard Overview

Welcome to Tickd. When you first log in you will see this landing page, or as we call it, the dashboard.

Dashboard Overview

The dashboard is designed to give you a visual snapshot of what is being done within your company and your projects. It is comprised of 5 areas.

Main Panel

This is a list of all your projects. You can organise them alphabetically, by activity or customise your view to see the ones you contribute to the most at the top. Each project box tells you how many open tickets there are, the date of the last activity on that project, and using a background activity bar chart, indicate the levels of activity.

Project Summary

Top Menu Bar

The top portion of the screen is comprised of your menu, breadcrumb and global functions. On the left of the blue bar, you can see the search and click your company name any time to return to your dashboard.

Search and Dashboard

On the left of the blue bar, you can see a series of menu dropdowns with everything you need to manage your projects settings and your user settings along with your notifications icon showing you how many are waiting for your input.

The white bar underneath the blue bar, as you navigate through tickd, will give you a series of breadcrumb information on the left and section specific functions on the right.

Top SubMenu Bar

Left Panel

On the left you will see a series of useful links that you might need to get you up and moving. Your notifications, recent tickets, tickets assigned to you specifically, timesheet, settings and an activity log.

Right Panel

Right Panel

On the right is an activity feed, listing ticket comments, state and priority changes for work currently being done.

Activity log


The fifth and final area of the page is the footer. Here you will find help and a place to feedback any queries or issues you might be having. Remember Tickd was built on great and honest criticism, so don’t hold back.


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