Delete a custom field

Before deleting a custom field, be aware that it an irreversible action. The custom field and all the data associated with it will be permanently deleted.

  1. Open the admin projects by clicking the Admin admin link in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Open the custom fields admin page by clicking on the Custom Fields link in the Admin menu at the left hand side of the page. The custom fields are listed with the name and the type of each field shown.
  3. Click the delete icon of the field you wish to delete. The confirm dialogue will now be shown.
  4. Check that the details on the confirm dialogue are for the field you want to delete and click the yes, drop it! button to delete the field and the information associated with it.
  5. The field will be removed from the list of fields shown on the page and will no longer be shown in tickets.

Permissions Required: Admin users only

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