Edit a user

An administrator user can edit any other user’s settings.

To edit a user:
  1. Open the admin projects page by clicking the Admin link in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Open the Users admin page by clicking the Users link in the Admin menu in the left panel. A list of all open users us shown. To filter the user list, enter a value in the filter field at the top right of the list.
  3. Click the required user to open the user details page.
  4. Update the user settings as required (see: User Settings)
  5. Save the change by clicking the save button. The user updated message will be shown to confirm that the user details have been saved.

Required Permissions: Administrator only

Useful Links:
  1. Project User Overview
  2. User Settings
  3. Delete a user
  4. Inactivate a user
  5. Update your user settings