A high level view of all project activity and progress, the nerve centre for your business.
Project Milestones
Group together tickets with common goals and deadlines.
Ticket Perspectives
Choose from any number of easily accessible viewpoints to focus on the tickets that matter to you.
Create and respond to tickets directly via email.
Fine grained controls to keep up to date on activity pertinent to you delivered the way you like them.
Never miss an update. Don't jump from ticket to ticket to reply, deal with all updates and give your feedback in one place.
Customisable reports give you the power to track activity and boost project management. Export them into a readable and editable form for your own clients.
Quickly find what you need with full text search support.
Tickd works with a raft of tools that you already use such as Slack, GitHub and more.
Collect together tickets independently across milestones and projects for helpful views and reporting.
Follow individual tickets or whole projects. Subscribe yourself and others to receive updates on ticket activity.
Access Control
Control who has access and the level of responsibility they have on a per project basis.
Mobile Friendly
Built for small and large screens alike, our beautiful responsive design means you don't need an app for that!
Personalised URL
Receive a
https://<your company>.tickd.it
URL as standard.
We take the security of your data seriously. Hosted on Amazon Web Services which offers industry-leading security, your data is stored encrypted using the AES-256 encryption algorithm.
Develop your own tools with your Tickd data using our HTTPS accessible endpoints.
Track your team's billable hours on work completed. Fully integrated into reports.
Create and organise team documentation easily using markdown syntax.