Getting Started

The first thing you should know is that Tickd organises your work into projects, milestones and tickets.

  • Project: a grouping of milestones and tickets for a particular set of users.
  • Milestone: a set of tickets with a common deadline and goal.
  • Ticket: an individual piece of work that can be assigned and prioritised to members of the project. A ticket can belong to a milestone or stand alone. Other members of the team can contribute to the conversation on the ticket and follow progress.

This guide takes you through the key pages for viewing your projects, milestones and tickets. The screenshots show the sample project, milestone and ticket that is created for you on signup.

When you first login to Tickd, you are taken to your Dashboard page. This shows all the projects that you have access to and some convenient links that are pertinent when managing your workload. On the left you will find some useful links such as tickets assigned to you and recently updated tickets. On the right you will find a ticker feed of latest activity.



To read more about the dashboard page and find out about each of the functions available on the project page visit here.

In the above screenshot, there is a project called “First Project”. Click anywhere in that project box to be taken to the Project Overview page.

Project Overview


On this project overview (see image above) you’ll see various perspectives on the work that relates to this individual project. On display here are tickets that can be viewed by milestone, priority, tag or assigned user. Depending on your role, tickets and milestones can also be created from here as well as inviting new users to the project. To learn more about the project overview page and what you can do, click here.

The icon to manage users on a project is in the top right corner. Clicking it will take you to the Project Users page where you can invite and add users to the project. To learn more, click here


By clicking on the “First Milestone” box, you will to be taken to the list of tickets that are associated to this Milestone together with some summary details about them. There are some quick links available to change various attributes of the tickets or milestone as well as export the list. Learn more about what you can do from the milestone page here.

Clicking on the title of any ticket takes you to the main ticket page. This represents a single body of work to be done. You’ll find a set of practical fields relating to each ticket including a title and description to help you outline the item to be completed. Responsibility for the ticket can be assigned and reassigned during the course of its lifetime. Set a status reliant on the company development cycle and prioritize it. Any project member has the opportunity to contribute to the discussion of the work item, simple follow the conversation or acknowledge it. All changes are tracked, so should it become urgent, you can see it’s move up the priority scale with ease. Colour coding from the milestone overview page will also highlight priorities for easy management.

Ticket Overview


For more information on the ticket page and to delve deeper into the functionality available to you, click here.

That’s your quick tour of the main pages in Tickd complete!

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