An Administrator user is a user who has been granted Administrator access to Tickd. An Administrator user has full access to everything in the Tickd application, including all of the functionality on the Admin pages. A user with administrator access does not automatically have access to all Projects, but is able to assign their own access to projects as required.


An image used to identify a User.


(Also called Developer) A User with Contributor access to a project. Contributor users can create and update Tickets and Milestones in a Projects  and have full access to update Tickets and Milestones that they have created, but have only limited access to update Tickets created by other users. (See Manager).

Custom Field

A custom field is a data item with a name and data type that can be added to a ticket. Custom fields are defined centrally and values can be set for any Ticket in the application.


An email message sent by an Administrator to one or more Tickd Users.

Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard Overview is a User’s Tickd homepage. It shows a list of the projects that the user has access to, with the number of open Tickets for each project. The My Tickd menu is shown at the left of the page and contains links to application pages relevant to the individual user. A panel summarizing recent activity is shown at the right of the page.


See Contributor


A user is who is set as a follower of a Ticket will receive Notifications when the Ticket is updated. A user who creates a Ticket or is assigned to a Ticket is set as a follower automatically. Users can be added to or removed from the list of Ticket followers by any user with access to to the Ticket.


It is possible to set up Ticked integration with a code repository, so that information about updates to the repository can be added to Tickets. It is also possible to set up integration with Slack so that user can receive Notification messages in Slack.


A Manager for a project is any User who has Manager access to the project. Manager users have full access to update any Ticket or Milestone in the Project and can define the access that other users have to the Project.


A Milestone defines a body of work within a Project that is to be completed by a set target date. A milestone acts as a container for a group of Tickets representing smaller units of work.


A Note is an item containing text and/or images that can be added to a Ticket or Milestone.


Notifications are messages sent to Users to keep them informed about changes to the application that are relevant to them. Notifications for a user can be viewed within the Tickd application and may also be sent as email messages and messages in Slack.


Permissions define the access that a user has to the Tickd application and to projects. (See Administrator, Manager, Contributor)


A Ticket has a priority which is used give an indication of how important it is and how quickly it is to be completed. The available priorities are Urgent, High, Medium, Low and None.


A project is a representation of a body of work within the Tickd application. A project contains Milestones and Tickets.


A Ticket Reader is a user who has viewed a Ticket. A list of Ticket readers is shown on the Ticket page.


The status of a Ticket indicates the current state of progress of the work defined in the Ticket. Open and Progress states are used for Tickets that are active, and where further work is required. Closed states are used for Tickets where no further work is required.


Tickd Reports make it possible to extract and display information held within the Tickd application. Reports are highly configurable allowing the required information to be shown in an easily read format.


A short string of text that can be associated with one or more Tickets in a Project and can be used to identify related Tickets.


Tickd is a web based project management tool allowing groups of users to collaborate and communicate effectively when working on projects.


A Ticket represents an item of work to be completed by one or more users.


A user’s timesheet is a record of work kept by a user of work they have done and the time spent on each task.


A User is a representation of a person within the Tickd application and defines the access that a person has to Tickd.


Wiki pages are a set of web pages within the Tickd application created and maintained by ticked users. They can be used as a record of information that will be useful for other Tickd users.