Integrate with a generic code repository

To set up a Generic integration in Tickd:
  1. Open the Admin page by clicking the Admin Menu item in the top menu of Tickd and click the Integrations menu item in the Admin Menu at the left of the page. The integration page will be opened, with the possible integration types shown.
  2. Click on </> (generic integration).
  3. Enter the name of your repository.
  4. Enter the Repository URL.
  5. If you are using a Secret value, enter the value on the Secret field.
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. If the email address that you use for accessing your repository is different from the email address that you use for logging on to Tickd, add your repository email address to the list of alternative emails in your user settings.

To view the integrations that have been set up, click the Integrations List  icon at the top right of the integrations page. The integrations are listed by name, with an icon showing the integration type. You can filter the list of integrations shown by entering all or part of the integration name in the Filter field at the top left of the page.

Required Permissions: Administrator only

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