Request access to a Tickd project

If you require user access to a Tickd project, but don’t have a login, you can request access by clicking the Request an Invite link on the Tickd login page. If you already have a login for another project in the Tickd account you should ask a project manager or a Tickd administrator to grant your login access to the project.

To request user access to a Tickd project:
  1. Navigate to the URL of the Tickd account on your browser. You will see the Tickd login page.
  2. Click the Request an invite link on the login form.
  3. Enter the user display name that you want to user for your login and the email address that you want to use as your username.
  4. Click the Request an Invite button to make your request.
  5. If a Tickd administrator approves your request you will be sent an email with the name of the project to which you have been granted access and a temporary password you can use for your first login. You should change this password to one that is easier to remember the first time you log in (See: Updating your password).
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