Milestone Overview

This is your how your milestone page looks.

Milestone Overview

Right Panel

The right panel allows you to add notes or files and also change the delivery date of your milestone. You can see the milestone activity here too.

Milestone Activity

Main Panel

This panel will list all the open tickets associated with this milestone.

Milestone Open Tickets

There is a lot that can be done from here. Firstly top right you will see the number of tickets in the milestone.

On the right at the top of the table you will see the milestone due date and the settings icon. Clicking this will let you change the name and key information for the milestone.

Just above the ticket table on the right are 4 icons. These are for filtering, exporting to XLS, exporting to PDF and emailing the list of tickets.

Next take a look at the ticket table itself. From left to right we have a number of things you can do.

If you click the dot icon you can order your list as you want it to be.

The next iconwill show you the ticket number and the colour indicates the priority of the ticket.

Going along you can click on the title of the ticket to see the ticket details, see who the ticket is assigned to, what the status the ticket has, how many note/comments the ticket contains and how old it it. Finally on the end is a checkbox, use this to access a range of bulk actions such as delete, close or remove from the milestone.

Bulk Actions

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