Notification Overview

Notifications are issued to alert you to mentions and to changes to tickets and projects made by other users. Notifications are shown within the application itself and may optionally be sent by email and via Slack.

Notifications for updates to tickets

You will receive notifications of updates to tickets where you are follower of the tickets. You will automatically be set as a ticket follower when you create a ticket, update a ticket, when the ticket is assigned to you or a user mentions you in the ticket. You can also configure the followers of any ticket that you have access to.

Notifications for updates to projects

If you chose to follow a project, you will receive notifications for any changes to the project. You can select the projects that you want to follow on the Projects Following page.

Viewing Notifications in Tickd

You can view your notifications in Tickd. You can also reply to notifications and dismiss notifications that you have read.

Notifications via email and Slack.

If you want to receive notifications via Slack yo will have to set up integration with Slack. You can configure which notifications you want to receive and whether you want to receive email notifications in your user settings (See: Update your Notification settings). If you have Administrator permissions, you can update notification settings for other users.