Notification Overview

As your day progresses and your team members update and feedback on tickets that you are a part of, following or own, the notifications section in an excellent place to get caught up and reply without jumping from ticket to ticket. It looks like this:

Notifications Overview

Left Panel

On the left you will see a list of all your notifications broken down into projects, you can choose to list all notification directed to you, or you can choose to filter out only those that mention you personally. It may help you to deal with those tickets that request your assistance if you are a follower of many entire projects.

Notification Filter

Main Panel

If you click on any of the notifications in the left panel, the details of that ticket and the note relating to you will appear in the main panel. If it is just information and nothing is required of you, you can dismiss this ticket after reading by clicking the tickNotification Tick

Right Panel

If the notification requires your feedback, you can reply immediately using the right panel, and can change the priority, status and assignee directly along with your reply.

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