Project Overview

The project page looks like this with the project specific activity scrolling away on the right panel:

Project Overview

From here you have three icons that appear in the white top menu bar. These are for adding new users from your list of existing Tickd users, adding a new ticket to the project and a neat fast input milestone/ticket planner.

Project functions

The main panel on this page contains three sections.


Each milestone is in a helpful box with the date it is due (colour coded for on track or overdue), a number of tickets in the milestone and a progress indicator along the bottom to show how close the milestone goal is to completion.

Milestone progress


This section shows you a breakdown of tickets by priority, by status and by tag so you are just one click away from seeing the tickets that matter to you.

Project Tickets


Finally you can see the members of the project team and the ticket count assigned to them specifically, just click a box to see further ticket details.

Project users

To have a look at other helpful overviews, click here.

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