Report Overview

Running a report is a walk in the park with Tickd. You are taken through a series of short steps design to filter or expand your options to retrieve the tickets in a format that is both useful and informative.

Reports Overview

Setup: Choose the type of report you are interested in, how you’d like them ordered and in what timeframe you are looking.

Projects: Choose to include projects or project types.

Status: Choose any individual or groups of Status or Priority you need to include in your report.

Tags: Filter by one or more tags.

Users: Decide the users that matter on the report.

Once you have decided on the criteria with which your report needs to be based simply click the run report button.

Run Report

This will generate a table of relevant tickets for you and you will be able to export it to other formats such as XLS, PDF or email yourself a copy. If this is a report you might regularly require, you can name it and save it for one-click access another time.

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