Send a broadcast email

To send a broadcast email:
  1. Open the admin projects by clicking the Admin link in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Open the broadcast page by clicking on the Broadcast link in the Admin menu at the left hand side of the page.
  3. Enter the email subject in the Subject field in plain text.
  4. Enter the body of your email in the What to Send field.
  5. Select the users that you want the message sent to (all users are selected by default)
  6. Click the broadcast button. The broadcast confirmation dialogue will be shown.
  7. If the email content and recipient list are correct click the send button to send the broadcast. A success dialogue will be shown to confirm that the broadcast has been sent.

Markdown can be used for formatting text in the message body. You can preview the formatted text by clicking the Preview link at the top right of the message field. The formatted text will also be shown in theĀ Broadcast Confirmation dialogue when sending the broadcast.

Selecting users for a broadcast.

By default, a broadcast will be sent to all users. You can select or deselect all users by clicking the Select / deselect all users checkbox in the Users to send to section on the right of the page. Individual users can be selected or deselected by clicking the user name in the list of uses. You can filter the list of users displayed by entering a value in the Filter users field above the list of users. Note that filtering the user list does by itself change the recipient list. If you want the broadcast to be sent to additional email addresses you can enter a comma delimited list of email addresses in the Also send to field at the bottom of the recipients section.

Required Permissions: Admin users only

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