Set a ticket custom field value

To set a ticket custom field value:
      1. Open the ticket page by clicking on a link to the ticket.
      2. Click the custom field ( ) tab link on right hand side of the page. (Note that the custom filed tab will only be shown if custom fields have been created. See : Create a custom field.)
      3. Click the edit ( ) icon on the custom field you want to update. An editable field will be shown with a save and cancel button.
      4. Edit the new value in the field and click the save button.

Custom fields can be of four different data types (integer, varchar [255 chars], text [ 65,538 chars] and date). It is necessary to enter a value compatible with the data type of the field.

Permissions required: Manager or Developer permissions to the project.

Users with admin access can update the available custom fields on the Admin – Custom Fields page.

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