Ticket Overview

The ticket page is where you will likely spend most of your time and it looks like this.

Ticket Overview

Main Panel

On the left, in the main panel, you will see the main ticket note

Main note

You can edit this note using the pencil icon. This note gives you who the ticket is assigned to, the detail for the ticket and the date it was last edited ( the date above is the create date for the ticket).

Above this on the top right of the main panel, you will find helpful actions. You can find out the unique email for this ticket (so you can email it directly from your inbox)Ticket Email

You can PDF the ticket for project management purposesTicket PDFYou can copy the ticket to another Copy Ticket.

Finally you can change the project and/or milestone for the ticket along with it’s title Ticket Settings

Underneath the main note there are a series of quick links to give you categories of note, which can be text, state changes, priority changes, file uploads and external code commits if you have any integrations set up.

Ticket groups

Following these are the changes, comments and contributions from the members of the project team.

Each note has some icons in the top right. These change depending on who you are and ownership. You can acknowledge a ticket note, edit it, delete it or link to it directly.

Right Panel

The right side is where you get to contribute and control who sees the ticket and how. The main bulk of the right allows you to enter in your comments and reply to this ticket. Along with your contribution, you can change the state of the ticket, the priority of it and assign it to someone new. Underneath those dropdowns is a field which allows you to put in an email address (or more than one) for someone with or without access to the system who you would like to receive an email about the update you are entering. This is a huge help in supporting clients, without having all your clients logged into your Tickd company.


Above the edit section you can see you can edit the ticket information, attach files, and see the ticket activity.

Ticket Extras

Underneath the ticket you can add tags to your tickets so you can categorise groups of tickets together for easy access and reporting elsewhere in Tickd.Ticket tagsFinally, you can see those people following the progress of this ticket. These people will be notified either by email or within Tickd of any activity here. You can also add followers from within the Tickd userbase.

Ticket Followers

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