Ticket Planner Overview

The ticket/milestone planner allows you to rapidly enter in groups of tickets by milestone in a simple and fast way. This is an especially useful place to get your project started with many things to do going round in your brain. It looks like this:

Ticket Planner Overview

Main Panel

This is where you put together your milestones and ticket data. Each blue box represents a Milestone, and you can enter a title, description, give the milestone a date and a tag.

Milestone box

To add a ticket to a specific milestone, click this button:

Add Ticket to Milestone

You can then fill in the basic ticket details, the title, description and who the ticket is assigned to.

Ticket Data

To add another milestone, click this button:

Add Milestone

Or to create a ticket that is not part of a milestone

Add Ticket

When you are finished putting in all your entries, you can click the save button:

Save Planner Data

Right Panel

As you type and collate your new milestones and tickets, a quick summary of your planned save is displayed on the right side of the screen. This is designed to help you scan to see if you have everything you need.

Planner Summary

Note the icon for a milestone milestone icon and a ticket ticket icon, you will see these around Tickd to help you identify which is which.

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