Update ticket followers

The avatar icons of existing followers of a ticket are shown if the Followers section on the right panel of the ticket page.

The creator of a ticket is automatically assigned as a follower of the ticket when it is created.

Users are automatically assigned as a ticket followers when they are assigned to tickets.

To add follower to the ticket:
  1. If there are users that can be added as followers of the ticket, the Add User ( ) icon will be shown alongside the existing followers.
  2. Click the Add User Icon. A dialogue with a list of the available users will be shown.
  3. Click users to add them as followers.
  4. Close the dialogue by clicking the close ( ) icon in the top right.
To remove a follower:

To remove a user as a follower click the user follower icon. Note that the assigned user of a ticket cannot be removed as a follower.

To add yourself as a follower:

If you are not already a follower of the ticket your own user avatar icon will be shown with a plus symbol. You can add yourself as a follower by clicking this icon.

Required Permissions: Manager or Developer permissions to the project.

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