Update ticket tags

The tags associated with a ticket are shown in the Tags section of on the right of the ticket page. Clicking on the tag will open a page with a list of the tickets association with the tag.

To update ticket tags:
  1. Click the edit tags button in the Tags section of the ticket page to open the Tags dialogue.
  2. Tags associated with tickets in in the same project are listed in the popular tags section of the dialog.
  3. Tags that are already associated with the ticket are shown in colour and have a tick icon (  ). Other tags are shown in grey. You can toggle the association of a tag with a ticket by clicking it.
  4. You can add a new tag to the ticket by entering the text for one or more tags (separated by spaces) in the Add new tags field.
  5. To save your updates, click the save button on the dialogue.

Required Permissions: Manager or Developer permissions to the project.

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