User Settings

Only users with access to the admin pages may create projects. To create a new user click the new user icon in the white sub header bar from inside the Admin Users page.

  • Display Name: this is a required field and will be used next to the users avatar on all ticket & milestone notes
  • Email address: this is a required field and is used to sign in with and for any outgoing emails

All other fields are optional, but we will explain what each does below if you do choose to use them

  • Alternative emails: for accepting incoming emails to another email address
  • Password & Password confirm: once a user is created they can manage their password here
  • Timezone: choose which timezone you work in, all times shown in tickd will use this timezone
  • Digest: choose to receive all tickd emails (except mentions in tickets) once per day
  • Hour to send: choose when to receive the digest email
  • Current photo: your current photo avatar
  • Profile photo: update your current photo to a default image or upload your own
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