Using integration with source code repositories.

Integration with source code repositories can be used to automatically add a note to ticket when an update is made to the repository. The note will contain the commit message, the type of update made and the files that have been changed.

Integration with a source code repository will need to be set up before it can be used. Only users with Admin access to Tickd will be able to do this. (See   GitLab IntegrationGitHub integrationBitbucket Integration Beanstalk SVN Integration).

Git repository (GitLab, GitHub or Bitbucket)

Once integration has been set up for a Git repository you can add ticket details to a commit message and a note will be added to the ticket when the online repository is updated.  If you update on a local branch, the note will be added to the ticket when you push the change to the online repository. If you commit the update directly to the central repository a note will be added to the ticket immediately.

With Git repositories you can also add a ticket tag or the copied ticket details to the title of a merge request and a note will be added to the ticket when the merge is completed.

Beanstalk SVN repository.

If using a Beanstalk SVN repository, a note will be added to the ticket on committing an update.

Adding the ticket reference to a commit message.

When you commit updates to your code repository you can add a reference to a ticket in your commit message. You can add a tag referring to your ticket in the form [#,<ticket-id>] or you can also use the ticket details copied from the ticket page in Tickd. To copy the ticket details to your clipboard click the copy ticket details button at the top of the ticket page. The copied ticket details will contain project name, the milestone name, a tag with the ticket id and the ticket title (for example, [Tartan Design Your Own App][Version 2.3 Features][#826] Save to your Tartan library).

Required permissions: all users with access to a project.

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